Sunday School Celebration

Worship Service, March 19, 2006

Today's worship service was a celebration of Sunday School. Our Sunday School classes are our primary vehicles for small group Bible study, for discussion, for learning, for fellowship, and for mutual support.

Today's service also kick's off our new podcasting initiative. More on this below.

To listen to today's service, click on one of the following:

Introducing Podcasts of our Services

NEW: We are now testing podcasting of our worship services. Want to help us test this?

What is a podcast? Not everyone you see with tiny players and earbuds is listening to music. Some are listening to audio books, some are listening to news, and some will soon be listening to our worship services.

Podcasting is sometimes described as on-demand internet radio, giving you the programs you want when and where you want them. In fact, it is a very easy way to transfer each weekly worship service recording to your iPod or other iTunes compatible MP3 player. College Park now has a channel on the online music store. When you subscribe to our channel, you will receive recordings of our worship services on your iPod weekly.

For instructions on how to get our podcasts, click here.


Jeff Allen

Pat Blackwell

Brynn Hobson leads Children's sermon

Patrick Crist

Jack Hoyle

Ramon Smith and Fred Patterson