Haiti Mission Trip

February, 2004

As of Feb. 17, all team members are back in the country.

Please continue to be in special prayer the people of Haiti. This is a particularly tense time in Haiti, as rebels seeking the ouster of President Aristide have taken control of eleven cities. As of Saturday morning, 50 people had been killed in the conflict. Policemen have been attacked, one being dragged through the street and hacked to death with a machete. An alleged government hit man was doused with gasoline and set afire.

Wes reports that he has seen no violence, and that the place they are staying is walled with armed guards.

However, the U.S. Department of State

"warns U.S. citizens to defer travel to Haiti and urges American citizens to depart the country if they can do so safely. Americans are reminded of the potential for spontaneous demonstrations and violent confrontations between government supporters and students and other groups that oppose the government of Haiti. American citizens who remain in Haiti, despite this Travel Warning, should register at the Consular Section of the U.S. Embassy in Port-au-Prince and enroll in the warden system (emergency alert network) to obtain updated information on travel and security in Haiti."

Click here for full travel advisory from State Department.

We must be missionaries and the Haitian people.

Reports from Wes, Barbie, and Randy in Haiti

News Reports from the New York Times and CNN

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