New Members 2014

Welcome to our new members.

For photos of new members who joined in other years, please choose one of the links at right.

New Members year by year:

Name Date
Robert MacCormack Garner and Dianne Moore Garner  
Sarah Warfford Knopf  
Grace Hodge 10/12/2014 b
Melinda Gail Leonard<  
Martha "Ann" Butler  
Joshua Scott Holcomb  
Geraldine "Gerry" Hayes  
Gabrielle Baber  
Nathan Baber  
Wendy Baber  
Van Baber  
Erika Nicholson  
Pamela Nicholson  
John Nicholson  
Janet Rodgers (watchcare from Memorial Baptist, Greenville, NC)  
Aaron  Weston Morris  

College Park Baptist Church