New Members from 2005

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New Members year by year:

Craig and Tammy Cashwell came requesting membership on Dec. 11, 2005. They are shown at right with their daughter Samantha. Welcome to the Cashwells. Craig, Tammy, and Samantha Cashwell
On Sunday, October 23, David Jones came requesting Watchcare membership. David is a student at Wake Forest University. Welcome, David.
David Jones
On Sunday, October 16, Vicky Lane came requesting membership upon transfer of her letter. We welcome Vicky to the College Park family!
Vicky Lane
Walter and June Schultz came requesting membership on August 28, 2005. Welcome to College Park.
Lizzie, Ricky, and Preston Boyles came requesting membership on July 31, 2005. Welcome to Ricky and her daughters Lizzie and Preston.
Elizabeth Chinlund came requesting membership on June 12, 2005 on profession of faith. Welcome, Liz.
Welcome to Selma Petree, who came requesting membership on May 22, 2005.

College Park Baptist Church