New Members 2011

Welcome to our new members.

For photos of new members who joined in other years, please choose one of the links at right.

New Members year by year:

Marian Eshleman  
Anna Bonifay AnnaBonifay
Cam and Leigh Bonifay CamAndLeighBonifay
Ken and Anita Hatchett Ken and Anita Hatchett
Kimi Taylor Kimi Taylor
Jason and Kelly McCrary Jason and Kelly McCrary

Rebecca Edmonds

Rebecca Edmons
Seanna Divine Seanna Divine
Kelly Speas and Sydney Angel Kelly Speas and Sydney Angel
Reece Alexander Reese Alexander
Linnea Markham Linnea Markham
Buddy and Nancy Priest  
Brad Davis BradDavis

Michael and Courtney Gruver, shown with their children Jake and Sarah.

Piper Chamel Piper Chamel

College Park Baptist Church