New Members 2013

Welcome to our new members.

For photos of new members who joined in previous years, please choose one of the links at right.

New Members year by year:

Jimmy Alexander, December 22, 2013  
Bill and Millie Clapp, December 22, 2013 Bill and Millie Clapp
Thomas Cogdill, September 22, 2013, with parents Jason and Lori CogdillThomas

Don and Joyce Matlock, August 25, 2013

Faith Hawkins, June 16, 2013. Faith Hawkins
Vince & Glennis Helmintoller, June 16, 2013. Vince & Glennis Helmintoller
Anne Pickett, with her husband Charlie. June 16, 2013. Anne and Charlie Pickett

Tammy McDowell, Zane McDowell

David Hodge, Paisley & Skylar Hodge, with wife and mother Grace HodgeDavidPaisleySkyla
Madison and Amanda Phillips 1/6/2013 Madison and Amanda Phillips
David and Bet Matthews, 1/13/2013 David and Bet Matthews

College Park Baptist Church